Cocktail Makings gift idea

I love making homemade gifts whenever I can! And who better to make a gift for than your best friend?! She just had a birthday & enjoys a good cocktail. But when you have two little kids, let’s be honest – it’s just easier to open a bottle of wine at the end of a full day rather than gather the ingredients to mix together something fancy. So I decided to make her a cocktail makings basket for three different bourbon cocktails (bourbon is her favorite, but you could easily take this idea & run with it for whatever liquor is your friend/family member’s favorite). Now all she has to do is grab and pour, and a mama definitely has time for that!

I hit the internet to search for paleo cocktails, and settled on these three: The Harvest Sparkle (her favorite of the bunch!), The Best Bourbon Sour, and the Brown Derby. I had fun making recipe cards for each cocktail. I used the colors of the added ingredients – orange for the cider honey syrup/grapefruit, burgundy/red for the cranberry, and green for the limes – to watercolor paint them to add that homemade touch. And who doesn’t like a little glitter tape? (Okay, maybe some people, but I’m a total fan!)

Cocktail Makings gift idea | Colibri Homestead

Then I grabbed one of our side-of-the-road-find vintage locker baskets that we normally use for delivering veg and put all of the ingredients inside. I especially like how wire baskets let you see all of the goodness and color of whatever they’re holding! Because of that, they’re my favorite for colorful basket gifts & something I keep my eye out for whenever I’m at garage sales or thrift shops. I put the syrup mixes into little clip top glass bottles (you can find them at the thrift shop too!) with a homemade tag. I think the result is rather fun!

Cocktail Makings gift idea | Colibri Homestead

If you had a bigger budget, it’d be easy to add a different cocktail glass that matches each cocktail, or some pretty or silly cocktail napkins. Or a delicious salty snack to go with the drinks. Non-alcoholic soda basket versions would be just as fun too! Here’s a rhubarb simple syrup soda making gift idea.

Happy gifting!


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