Valentine’s Crafting Fun

Valentine’s is a welcome time to create! Both my boy Ash and I have been having some fun. First I’ll share what he’s been working on, then my mini project, which you could still pull together with some scrap fabric if you’re looking for a quick project to finish by Sunday.

Ash made his Valentines again this year from this idea we found floating around Pinterest. He used watercolors to paint up a few pieces of cardstock weight paper, then free hand cut out sweet, wonky shaped hearts (as a 10-year old would, of course!). Then he wrote a message on the back (more on the fabric hearts below…)


Ash’s teacher this year is awesome in so many ways. One of the many things I’m a fan of is that she has the kids break into committees to plan the class parties themselves. The kids seriously do all the work, including volunteers who stay in at recess to set out the food, put up decorations, etc. Ash was excited to be on the decorating committee this time. He picked out the crafts – heart butterflies, and heart flowers with streamers. My heart smiles to think of a an all kid-made, coordinated and executed party. How cool!



I don’t subscribe to too many email mailing lists, but I do to Purl Soho because they email out so many free patterns (sewing, knitting, crocheting, crafting, baking). When I saw the free Sweetheart Charms pattern, I knew I wanted to make them for our little family of 3. My wonderful best friend had recently grabbed up a whole pile of free scrap fabrics for me that I used for the project. I think they turned out pretty sweet, and not too shabby for my 3rd hand sewing project ever. If I can whip them up, I know you can too!! The pictures and instructions were such a help (as you can see, I crafted with my computer out to follow along). The heart charms are hanging around our family room/kitchen, and we’re excited to pop tiny notes in the pockets to each other on Sunday.



(These Valentine’s necklaces would be equally fun and easy too, but alas I’m in a house of boys!)

My favorite about all of these projects is that they didn’t cost us anything but time, which we have an abundance of thanks to our slower paced lifestyle. My craft stash is pretty small, but thankfully I had everything we needed for all of these little handmade projects of love.

May the love of family and friends warm your hearts this Sunday (and every day!).

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