Art on a day off

Like I mentioned yesterday, Ash had the day off school. His one request: to make art. His new school doesn’t have an art teacher, so I have the pleasure of being an Art Docent along with another parent for his class. Earlier this week the other parent planned a really fun project with oil pastels and watercolor paint swirled into shaving cream. Ash said that he was still so excited from that art project that he just wanted to keep making art. Yes! Lets!!

I had a couple of ideas for him: 1) Watercolors, 2) Something I can’t remember anymore…ha!, and 3) finding objects in the yard (sticks, leaves, etc.) and making something with them, then taking a picture (I am ever inspired by @floraforager and her amazing art on Instagram). He was excited to use watercolor paints to try to emulate some of the swirling going on in the classroom art project. So that’s what we did!



I’m not a fab drawing/painting artist. Like I never see anything I make and feel impressed. But I LOVE playing around, trying new things, and enjoying the process. Are you a process or a product person? When it comes to art at least, I’m all about the process. Ash added a leaf print to mine at the end to fill up the white space. I love a good collaboration. 🙂

Lent is coming up, and the whole family is down for a Lenten Praying in Color “calendar”. I’m curious about this whole praying in color business, and perhaps it will be something I continue to do once Lent is over. Ash is really looking forward to it. He was hoping we could start it yesterday, but I keep telling him February 10 is just around the corner. How do you incorporate art and creativity into your family life or spiritual life?

Cheers today, friends!

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