Gardener’s Summer Marinade Recipe

I’m back with another recipe!

I can’t quite believe it, because I’m not really a recipe girl. I’m more of a make it up as I go kind of person. Dan too. Even more so than me! But Dan has been making gobs of this marinade, and it is SO good we knew we had to turn it into a recipe & share it here with all of you!

This Gardener’s Summer Marinade is a tangy taste of summer! It is zippy & light, and we’ve been slathering it all over chicken and white fish on the grill. It’d be great on any grilled veggies too (like the zucchini we’re all swimming in & figuring out a million ways to use!!).

The recipe makes use of two beautiful ingredients us farming/homesteading/gardening types have in abundance right now: onion tops & uncured garlic.

Gardener's Summer Marinade Recipe I Colibri Homestead

Gardener’s Summer Marinade (makes about a half-pint jar)
A generous 2 cups onion tops
6 cloves of fresh, uncured garlic
1/3 cup olive oil
1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
Salt & pepper to taste

Throw all ingredients into a food processor and blend til there are no chunks. Then slap it on your favorite grilled goodies & get cooking. Easy, right? And it’s oh so good. And please, like us, make this recipe your own. Try adding more garlic, maybe some fresh squeezed lemon or lime. Put your flair on it! But we promise, it’s great as is too.

Gardner's Summer Marinade Recipe I Colibri Homestead

Gardener's Summer Marinade Recipe I Colibri Homestead

And if you’re me, enjoy the smell of fresh garlic on your hands for the rest of the day (Seriously, this is a bonus in my book. Again, take me or leave me as I am. Ha!)

We’re making this marinade up in big batches to hide away in the freezer for later when the fresh garlic and onions are no more… (but let’s not think of winter just yet…m’kay?)

Happy Saturday!! Let’s fire up our grills!


2 thoughts on “Gardener’s Summer Marinade Recipe

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  2. If you get our posts in your inbox, note that there are no garlic scapes in the marinade. I didn’t notice that I mentioned them til I accidentally hit send. Woops! 🙂 What’s above is accurate!!


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